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Two in a row: A Canadian plant initiative won recognition at EPRI for the second year running. Above, a team celebration at the EPRI gala includes members of Point Lepreau staff and CANDU Owners Group.
(Photo courtesy of EPRI)


Gathering Steam

BWXT Canada Ltd's roots go back more than a century. However, what makes the 
company worth watching is its role in the industry today and what it means for the 
industry's future.

Two in a Row

EPRI Technology Transfer Award goes to a COG Member for the second-year running.

Canadian Delegation Presents Canada's Report

CNSC and COG lead at the Seventh Re​​view Meeting of the Convention on Nuclear Safety.

COG Goes to the Darlington Energy Complex

As Ontario Power Generation was ramping up for the beginning of the Darlington refurbishment execution phase, the CANDU Owners Group staff went for a look at the training facility and project campus where thousands of contractors and OPG staff were preparing for the work ahead.

​​A Man for the Time

With his blend of operator and supplier experience, OPG's new president may have arrived just when we need him most.