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Valve research saves money and improves reliability: The results of a successful COG joint project on a fuel-handling valve (above) could be replicated, elsewhere. The same approach could be taken to address many spare part issues where original manufacturers are no longer in business or a single source is cost-prohibitive.​

​The CANDU Promise

The CANDU Owners Group Board of Directors has a new chair and two new 
members. ​They take stock of the industry today and the organization's role in 
creating a nuclear future throu​​gh lower cost and optimized performance in CANDU plants globally.

A Good Steam Cleaning

A new initiative improves safety and reliability in older steam generators.

COG Valve Research Creates Cost Savings

The success of a joint project to re-engineer a fuel-handling system valve could be replicate​d to address other obsolescence issues.​​​

Making Obsolescence Issues Feel Almost...Obsolete

Year 2 of the COG Obsolescence Workshop offered more opportunities for collaboration to address challenges and find solutions to an aging problem.

​​Equipment Reliability

Diversity initiative gain​​s traction; A cross-functional approach to reliability is delivering promising results.