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At CANDU Owners Group, we are committed to bringing our members 
opportunities to share knowledge, 
conduct research and develop 
joint projects to achieve excellence.

COGnizant provides a view of the landscape and industry initiatives achieved through COG and by our members. 

President's Message - Spring 2017

President's Message - Fall 2016

President's Message - Spring 2016

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Latest News

COGnizant is a CANDU Owners Group (COG) biannual publication. COG is committed to help our community stay current with industry 
activities and events. News is updated on this page as it happens. Bookmark this site to stay up-to-date with news from COG and our members.


COGNIZANT Current Issue


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Valve research saves money and improves reliability: The results of a successful COG joint project on a fuel-handling valve (above) could address many spare part issues where original manufacturers are no longer in business or a single source is cost-prohibitive.​

​The CANDU Promise

The CANDU Owners Group Board of Directors has a new chair and two new 
members. ​They take stock of the industry today and the organization's role in 
creating a nuclear future throu​​gh lower cost and optimized performance in CANDU plants globally.

A Good Steam Cleaning

A new initiative improves safety and reliability in older steam generators.

COG Valve Research Creates Cost Savings

The success of a joint project to re-engineer a fuel-handling system valve could be replicated to address other obsolescence issues.​​


Two in a row: A Canadian plant initiative won recognition at EPRI for the second year running. Above, a team celebration at the EPRI gala includes members of Point Lepreau staff and CANDU Owners Group.
(Photo courtesy of EPRI)


Gathering Steam

BWXT Canada Ltd's roots go back more than a century. However, what makes the 
company worth watching is its role in the industry today and what it means for the 
industry's future.

Two in a Row

EPRI Technology Transfer Award goes to a COG Member for the second-year running.

Canadian Delegation Presents Canada's Report

CNSC and COG lead at the Seventh Review Meeting of the Convention on Nuclear Safety.


Collaboration for culture: CANDU operators have several initiatives underway to strengthen safety culture including some through COG peer groups, forums and training.

Human Factors in Nuclear Resiliency

Getting to acceptance through human performance and collaboration

A Fleet Mentality

Through the C6 Fleet Steering Committee, individual operators gain exponential benefits

Engineering Safety Culture through Collaboration

​COG panel triangulates perspectives at IAEA safety culture conference.​

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