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COGnizant is a CANDU Owners Group (COG) biannual publication. COG is committed to help our community stay current with industry 
activities and events. News is updated on this page as it happens. Bookmark this site to stay up-to-date with news from COG and our members.




Finding their voice

At in-house Toastmasters sessions, COG employees gain valuable presentation skills that provide staff with personal professional development while at the same time strengthening the company as a whole.

Advancing global nuclear collaboration

IAEA-COG Practical Arrangement builds on the long-standing relationship between the two organizations in knowledge management.

New COG-KHNP agreement brings even more collaboration

Ceremony held to celebrate partnership in joint projects, R&D and training in
areas of leadership, nuclear safety, waste management and decommissioning.



Darlington refurbishment performance update

The first of 6,240 fuel bundles have been loaded into Darlington Nuclear's Unit 2 as the refurbishment progresses.

A roadmap for waste

COG members and staff shared how collaborative R&D will set the course for CANDU's future at a Canadian Nuclear Society conference held in September.

Canadian companies successfully produce "rarest drug on Earth"

A technical committee visited New Brunswick Power in June to share technical knowledge and at the same time, gained a better understanding of the province's nuclear future.


Canada is nuclear-ready to address climate change

IAEA conference examined the use of nuclear power to tackle the world's most universal challenge.

Nuclear Operators' Forum focuses on sustainable management of the nuclear supply chain

Effective and efficient oversight of the global nuclear supply chain is crucial to safety and quality in both operating nuclear facilities and nuclear new builds. This was emphasized at an event held alongside the IAEA’s 63rd General Conference.

A CEMinal moment (NEI reprint)

Is the world ready to let nuclear help with the heavy lifting to mitigate climate change? On the cusp of the IAEA's international climate change conference, 7-11 October, Jacquie Hoornweg reports on recent events in Canada that provide cautious optimism.

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