​About Nucleoelectrica Argentina​ (NA-SA)


Embalse Nuclear Generating Station is a single-unit station owned and operated by Nucleoeléctrica Argentina Sociedad Anónima (NA-SA). It's one of two nuclear power stations in Argentina currently operational. Nuclear power provides 28% of energy to houses in Argentina. ​​The energy provided by Embalse is supplied to the national grid. On average, Embalse provides enough energy to support the needs of 3-4 mi​llion people. The energy generated reaches the Argentine Northwest, Cuyo, Center Region, Great Buenos Aires and Litoral. As well as supplying electricity, Embalse Nuclear is also used to produce Cobalt-60, a radioisotope that is used in medical and industrial applications.​



​1 unit

​648 MWe​

Contact Information

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Central Headquarter: 
+54 11-4701-7070

Libertador Building Headquarters: 

+54 4789-0085

Nuclear Projects Management Unit:
+54 5129-7700

Central Headquarter:
Arribeños 3619,
C1429BKQ. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Libertador Building Headquarters: 
 Av. Libertador 6343,
C1429BKQ. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nuclear Projects Management Unit:
Francisco Narciso de Laprida 3100 Cp:1603