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​About New Brunswick Power

New Brunswick Power (NB Power) is the largest electric utility in Atlantic Canada and a founding member of COG. New Brunswick was Canada’s third province to produce electricity using nuclear energy. It operates Atlantic Canada’s only nuclear facility, Point Lepreau Generating Station, which went into service in 1983.

Point Lepreau has one nuclear reactor, a CANDU-6 unit and it was the first CANDU-6 to be licensed for operation and to begin commercial operation. The unit supplies about 30 per cent of the energy consumed in the province.

NB Power completed a refurbishment of Point Lepreau in 2012, extending the station’s life to 2039. Since returning from refurbishment, the station has been recognized for continually improved performance and excellence in plant operation.

NB Power and the provincial government are partnering in research for potential development of small modular reactors with two private-sector companies.

NB Power is a voting member on COG’s Board of Directors represented by Michael Hare, Deputy Chief Nuclear Officer.



​1 unit

​680 MWe​

Contact Information​

​WebsitePhone number​Address​
+1 800-663-6272

Head Office:
515 King Street
P.O. Box 2000
Fredricton, NB
Canada E3B 4X1

239 Gilbert Street 
Fredricton, NB
Canada E3A 0J6

Nuclear Station: 
​Point Lepreau
Highway 790
P.O. Box 600
Lepreau, NB
Canada E5J 2S6