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 ​About Ontario Po​wer Generation (OPG)


Ontario Power Generation (​​OPG), a successor company of the former Ontario Hydro, is 100% owned by the Province of Ontario. OPG currently operates Darlington, Pickering A and Pickering B nuclear generating stations.

Pickering A station went into service in 1971 and continued to operate safely until 1997 when it was placed in voluntary lay-up as part of OPG's nuclear improvement program. OPG's Pickering A Restart Project to return the units to service starting in 2003, received approval from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. Pickering 4 was declared back in service on September 25, 2003 and Pickering 1 went commercial November 3, 2005. Pickering B and Darlington stations are operational. Darlington is currently undergoing a refurbishment project. One unit has been taken out of service for refurbishment while the other three continue to generate electricity.

OPG also operated Bruce A and Bruce B nuclear generating stations until May 2001 when they were leased to Bruce Power L.P.

OPG's Darlington and Pickering Nuclear stations together are capable of providing about 30 to 35 per cent of Ontario's electricity needs.​



​10 units

​6618 MWe​

Darlington Refurbishment

In October 2016, OPG started work on the first of four reactors at its world-leading Darlington Nuclear Generating Station. The Darlington power plant has been producing about 20 per cent of the province's electricity since the early 1990s. After decades of reliable power generation, this clean energy source is receiving a mid-life refurbishment that will benefit Ontarians for another 30 years.

What's the impact of refurbishing Darlington Nuclear?

It's 14,000 jobs each year for companies across Ontario.

It's power that's over 99 per cent free of smog and carbon emissions.

It's helping OPG provide low-cost energy.

It's 30 more years of clean, reliable power.​

For the most recent information on the Darlington Refurbishment Project, visit the OPG Darlington Refurbishment News site or subscribe to ​the Darlington Refurbishme​nt newsletter.

Source: Ontario Power Generation: opg.com

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