​About Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica (SNN)

Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica (SNN) operates Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant, the only nuclear power station in Romania featuring the only CANDU reactors operating in Europe. SNN joined COG as a member in 1991. 

SNN is a state-owned company that reports directly to Romania’s Ministry of Energy. Cernavoda Unit 1 came into service in 1996 while Cernavoda Unit 2 came online in 2007. 

In 2014, SNN became sole owner of Energonuclear, the project company responsible for development of the Cernavoda Units 3 and 4 project implementations.

The electricity annually generated by Cernavoda represents approximately 18 per cent of Romania’s electricity production. In 2018, SNN celebrated 20 years of safe, clean and reliable operation at Cernavoda.

Building on its strong performance, a planned refurbishment of Cernavoda Unit 1 is scheduled to move forward in 2026. This will allow the safe operation of the unit for another 30 years.

SNN is a voting member on COG’s Board of Directors represented by Sorin Ghelbereu, Director, Engineering.




​2 units

​1411 MWe​


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