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Through the expertise and efforts of about 70 employees and contractors, COG is responsible for leading research, development and joint projects worth almost $70 million in the 2018-19 business year. COG is also a conduit for in-person and online information sharing and regulatory leadership across the CANDU industry. ​​At COG our vision is excellence through collaboration. We achieve excellence for our members, supplier participants and industry partners through collaboration with them. 

Our team is part of your team.

Our Work

COG's work is divided into four lines of business (Research and Development, Joint Projects and Services, Information Exchange and Nuclear Safety and Environmental Affairs). Our program and project managers facilitate collaboration amongst the industry's most knowledgeable professionals from our member, supplier​ participant and partner organizations, worldwide. As well, COG corporate employees are committed to providing a high level of oversight and service to ensure strong controls on accounting, security and safety of both intellectual property and finances.