Nuclear Safety & Environmental Affairs

White icons of the Earth, leaves, and a nuclear power plant overlaid on grass
​Nuclear Safety and Environmental Affairs (NSEA) works on behalf of COG members to promote the adoption of common strategies to evolve policy and resolve issues for nuclear safety, regulatory affairs and the environment while furthering industry-level strategic initiatives.

This is accomplished through leadership forums:

  • Chief Nuclear Officer Forum
  • Regulatory Affairs VP Forum
  • Radioactive Waste Leadership Forum
  • SMR Technology Forum

And peer groups:

  • Nuclear Safety Peer Group
  • Regulatory Affairs Managers Peer Group
  • Nuclear Environmental Affairs Peer Group
  • Safety Culture, Human and Organizational Factors Peer Group
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response Peer Group
  • Decommissioning and Waste Management Peer Group

 International Collaboration

COG reviews and coordinates the interface with the IAEA, including participation on the IAEA Nuclear Safety Standards Committee (NUSSC). COG also participates in the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI, Washington) Industry Group Coordination meetings.

Support to the CNO Forum

NSEA provides operational support to the Chief Nuclear Officer Forum (CNOF). This includes regularly scheduled meetings with executive staff at the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC).

Working with the regulator

All COG teams in the NSEA program are sponsored under the Forums. In several cases, the teams interface with the CNSC to clarify regulatory expectations and discuss progress on resolution of safety/licensing issues. Some teams collaborate with other organizations such as the Canadian Nuclear Association and Canadian Standards Association. These activities also have potential to inform international member regulations.