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CANDU fuel bundle in the lobby of the COG offices​​​​
CANDU Owners Group

Who we are

The CANDU Owners Group (COG) is a private, not-for-profit corporation funded voluntarily by CANDU operating utilities worldwide, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) and supplier and program participants. COG’s vision is excellence through collaboration for CANDU and advanced nuclear technologies. Together with its members, suppliers, and research and partner organizations, COG is continuously innovating nuclear plant equipment and processes to ensure the highest standard of safety, efficiency and environmental performance. COG is a trusted nuclear industry leader comprised of a highly-skilled team with extensive experience in many facets of CANDU nuclear technology.

COG is committed to diversity in many respects, including gender, age, cultural diversity, experience, skills as well as perspective, across all levels of the organization. This diversity contributes to member innovation and value. COG’s diversity has evolved rapidly in recent years to the point COG is now a leader amongst nuclear organizations. 

COG signed on to the international industry’s “Equal by 30” commitment, led by the Clean Energy Ministerial and the International Energy Agency on July 28, 2020. In fact, COG has achieved the campaign goal of gender parity, a decade early, with just over half of its workforce comprised of women, at all levels of the organization, today.​ ​

See a timeline of COG’s first 35 years (1984-2019) here.

What we do

Through COG's various lines of business, COG facilitates research, joint projects, information exchange and industry alignment on industry standards, regulations and the most recent trends and areas of interest of our members and participants. 

Joint Projects and Services (JP) develops solutions to problems and issues shared by two or more COG members through shared resources and provides a wide range of services including quality assurance auditing.

Research and Development (R&D) is a mechanism for COG members to share the risks, costs and the rewards of R&D projects in six program areas including five core areas related to more immediate industry opportunities and challenges, as well as in Strategic Research and Development (SRD) focussed on longer-term issues.

Information Exchange (IE), including Learning & Development (L&D), leverages experience across the industry and among CANDU utilities to share experience and best practices through shared operating experience, through the work of industry peer teams and several other collaboration mechanisms. As well, through the IE line of business, COG provides a series of professional development and training workshops and programs to strengthen today's nuclear leaders and to prepare the people who will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Nuclear Safety and Environmental Affairs (NSEA) facilitates industry alignment on industry standards and regulations, both in Canada and internationally. As well, NSEA facilitates industry progress in the areas of nuclear safety and environmental management. It facilitates collaboration amongst members, participants and partner organizations to explore and develop common positions and activities in new areas of COG member interest, including small modular reactor development and decommissioning and radioactive waste management. Through forums, peer teams and participant groups, NSEA is helping the industry as it evolves to meet new opportunities and changing expectations.


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