COG's Team


COG staff gathered in front of Toronto skyline​​

Board of Directors

COG's Board of Directors is comprised of representatives from COG's voting members – organizations whose investments in COG meets a threshold warranting additional oversight and input into organizational direction. Members of the board are from Ontario Power Generation (OPG), Bruce Power, New Brunswick Power (NB Power), Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) and Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica (SNN, Romania).

The board provides oversight and due diligence in a number of areas including business direction, mission and strategy; a number of management systems and human resource oversights as well as corporate risk, member relationships and communications. Together, the board directors consider strategic direction to derive the greatest benefit for all COG members and participants.​

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COG CEO and lines of business directors

Management Team​

The CANDU Owners Group management team, led by President and CEO Rachna Clavero, provid​es leadership in four lines of business: Research and Development (R&D), Joint Projects and Services (JP&S), Nuclear Safety and Environmental Affairs (NSEA), and Information Exchange (IE), including Learning and Development (L&D). Members and participants work together through collaboration. COG also has experienced Corporate Services, Communications and Information Management and Technology teams who ensure efficiency and security in all COG operations and highlight COG's value to members.

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Headshots of COG staff inset over map of the world

COG Staff

COG's staff is the engine of its collaboration model. COG is comprised of highly-skilled project managers and industry subject matter experts (SMEs) with extensive experience in many facets of CANDU nuclear technology, plant operation and projects, as well as industry strategy, finance, administration, training and communications. COG is a model of diversity in many respects, including gender, age, cultural diversity, experience and skills across all levels of the organization. 

In July 2020, COG signed on to the international industry's "Equal by 30" commitment, led by the Clean Energy Ministerial and the International Energy Agency. In fact, COG has achieved the campaign goal of gender parity, a decade early, with just over half of its workforce comprised of women, at all levels of the organization, today.

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Industry Participants

COG is an ecosystem far larger than its board and staff. In addition to its members, COG has program membership for CANDU supplier participants, small modular reactor (SMR) vendor participants and other specific-area program participants. Participants use the COG collaboration model to strengthen quality and safety within the nuclear industry in CANDU technology and beyond.

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