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​Throughout its history, the heart of the COG program has been the collaborative sharing of ideas, experience and aspirations for new approaches and borrowed ones already working well, to strengthen CANDU performance at every member plant, worldwide.

Through the creation of new technologies and processes in R&D and joint projects; the retention of experience through databases and textbooks; and the transfer of knowledge to other stations and new generations, COG and its members have significantly contributed to safer, cleaner, more reliable and cost effective, carbon-free electricity. 

In doing so, COG members, suppliers and industry partners have given the world a powerful tool in the fight against climate change and an abundant supply of electricity to address a continually-increasing global demand.

Read the COGnizant Magazine feature on COG's Team Approach here.

​C6 Fleet Forum

Facilitates and supports relationships of the C6 fleet and allows for the exchange of information between fleet members. Allows fleet members to work together to anticipate and resolve common problems to yield significant commercial benefits, cost savings, improved reliability and synergy. Learn more here.

​Task Teams
C6 Safety Analysis Application TT, C6 Outage Optimization TT

​Chief Nuclear Officers Forum

​Identifies strategic challenges and opportunities that may influence the nuclear power industry and the regulatory bodies. Enables the industry to develop and share consistent industry licensing positions and pool resources for resolution of issues that are of high strategic or operational impact to the utilities. Learn more here.

​Peer Groups
Fuel Handling PG, Radiation Protection PG, Maintenance Managers PG, Training PG, Cyber Security PG, Human Performance PG, Decommissioning and Waste PG, Safety Culture & Human and Organizational Factors PG

​Working Groups & Task Teams
Supplier Participant WG, Operations Manager WG, Outage Managers WG, Work Management WG 
Human Performance: Human Performance Metrics TT
Maintenance Managers: Fix-It-Now TT
Safety Culture & Human and Organizational Factors: Management System TT

​Chief Nuclear Engineers Forum

​Provides a forum for senior management to identify and oversee resolution of issues of high safety and economic importance to the Canadian nuclear industry, in order to align direction, determine common solutions, consolidate positions and pool resources. Learn more here.

Peer Groups
​Engineering PG, Asset Management PG, Non Destructive Examination PG, Chemistry Managers PG, Equipment Reliability PG, Nuclear Safety PG

Working Groups & Task Teams
Pressure Boundary WG
Equipment Reliability: Single Point of Vulnerability TT, Condition Based Maintenance TT, Equipment Reliability TT 
Nuclear Safety: Safe Operating Envelope TT, Risk and Reliability TT, Beyond Design Basis Accident Management TT, CANDU Safety Issues TT, Fuel Integrity TT, Safety Analysis Improvement TT

R&D Technology Forum

​Acts as the voting members’ primary point of contact for all R&D activities. Ensures the members’ R&D issues and needs are addressed. Maintains member organizations’ contacts for operations and maintenance, safety and licensing, engineering, and supply chain. Learn more here.

Technical Committees
​Chemistry, Materials & Components TC, Fuel Channels TC, Health, Safety & Environment TC, Industry Standard Toolset TC, Safety & Licensing TC, Strategic R&D TC

Working Groups
CM&C: SG Non-Destructive Examination WG; SG Material Integrity WG; Concrete WG; Steels WG; Chemistry WG; Valve WG
FC: PT Crack Initiation WG, Deformation WG, Corrosion & Deuterium Ingress WG
IST: Physics Codes WG, Containment and Severe Accident Codes WG, Thermalhydraulics Codes WG, Fuel and Fuel Channels WG
S&L: Physics WG, Containment and Severe Accident WG, Thermalhydraulics WG, Fuel Normal Operating Conditions WG, Fuel and Fuel Channels WG, Probabilistic Risk Assessment WG
Strategic R&D: Reduced Outages WG, Materials Properties WG, Low Dose Impact WG, Climate Change WG, Environmental Monitoring WG, Decommissioning & LT Waste Management WG

Radioactive Waste Leadership Forum

​Identifies strategies and solutions for management of the waste streams from nuclear power generating stations as well as medical and laboratory facilities with due considerations for worker and public safety, protection of the environment and cost effectiveness. Learn more here.

​Refurbishment Forum

​Provides a forum for sharing knowledge, experience, procedures and lessons learned to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of all refurbishment activities. Identifies and prioritizes refurbishment issues, best practices, areas of strength for review and analysis. Works with the utilities and the industry to develop innovative solutions leading to schedule, dose and cost savings. Learn more here.

Regulatory Affairs VPs Forum

​Discusses regulatory issues and provides strategic direction to the regulatory affairs, emergency preparedness and response and nuclear environmental affairs peer groups. Learn more here.

Peer Groups
Regulatory Affairs PG, Emergency Preparedness & Response PG, Nuclear Environmental Affairs PG

Task Teams
Regulatory Affairs: CILLP
Nuclear Environmental Affairs: Environmental Management Systems TT, Environmental Impacts TT

​Small Modular Reactor Technology Forum

​Identifies key issues and establishes technical positions and requirements supporting the development of harmonized policies, including technical positions concerning the regulatory framework, fuel cycle, siting and supply chain of SMRs, for both on-grid and off-grid applications. Learn more here.

Task Teams
SMR Security TT, SMR Nuclear Liability TT, SMR Fuel Supply TT


Supply Chain, Obsolescence & Procurement Forum

Provides oversight and control over ongoing work and develops a framework to facilitate better collaboration to mitigate and resolve common high-risk procurement and obsolescence issues. Supports members in moving towards more proactive and planned approaches in addressing identified procurement and obsolescence issues. ​Learn more here.

Peer Groups
Supply Chain, Obsolescence and Procurement PG