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The CANDU Industry Assessment Committee (CANIAC) Joint Audit Program

Saving Resources, Strengthening Quality Assurance and Compliance

What is CANIAC?

The COG CANIAC program is for suppliers of CANDU nuclear power plants to perform joint quality assurance audits on their supply chain. CANIAC has attracted some of CANDU’s top nuclear suppliers who are committed to saving resources and strengthening quality assurance and compliance.


The primary objective of a CANIAC audit is to ensure the effectiveness of quality assurance programs for product and service suppliers. A CANIAC audit assesses whether or not a supplier’s activities have resulted in the effective implementation of the specified quality assurance program.  

Audits are scheduled at the beginning of the program year but can also be requested by CANIAC members throughout the year. Audit scope, criteria and schedule are determined based on feedback provided by participating CANIAC members. The CANIAC program manager is responsible for assigning auditor(s) for each request. The lead auditor prepares, plans and performs a supplier audit. This is followed by a systematic, independent and documented process for obtaining audit evidence which is objectively evaluated to determine the extent to which the audit criteria are fulfilled. 

Deliverables of the audit include: an audit plan, completed audit checklists, an audit report as well as Non-conformance & Corrective Action Requests (NCARs), including follow-ups and closure of NCARs.


Benefits to members



The CANIAC program's joint audit process allows each participating member to complete respective audits at a fraction of the cost of completing the process independently. For example, two member audits completed jointly means that each member pays only 50% of the audit cost.

This cost-effective solution ensures vendors of program members are audited in a consistent and standardized manner using methodology that has been accepted by CANDU nuclear power plants. The program framework allows members to share resources and cost of joint audits while maintaining confidentiality of members’ information.   

The CANIAC standard approach benefits vendors, too. The program reduces the number of times they must go through the audit/assessment process so they can focus on delivering their products or services. 

Current members

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About membership


Membership is open to all suppliers who satisfy the requirements of CSA N299 series of standards or CSA N286 or CSA N286.7. Annual membership fee is waived for COG Supplier Participants.

To learn more, contact:

Hari Nayar
Program Manager, CANIAC
(647) 482-8975