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COG's Board of Directors is comprised of representatives from COG's voting members – organizations whose investments in COG meets a threshold warranting additional oversight and input into organizational direction. Members of the Board are from Ontario Pow​er Generation (OPG), Bruce Power, New Brunswick Power (NBP) and Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL).

The Board provides oversight and due diligence in a number of areas including business direction, mission and strategy; a number of management systems and human resource oversights as well as corporate risk, member relationships and communications.​

Gary Newman
Bruce Power
Senior Vice President Engineering & Chief Engineer

The current chair of the COG board, Gary Newman, has continuously demonstrated leadership in fuel channel life management research and industry collaboration on engineering joint project through his career. Following the passage of the 1998 Energy Competition Act, Gary helped Ontario Hydro restructure into five separate entities. Before joining Bruce Power, where he has responsibility for major component replacement and fuel channel replacement, Gary was a key player in what is now AMEC Foster Wheeler. He is the past chair and a current participant on the Equipment Reliability Oversight Committee at INPO, Vice-chair of UNENE and past board member of AMEC Foster Wheeler.

Paul Thompson
New Brunswick Power
Senior Strategic Advisor to the Chief Nuclear Officer

Paul Thompson has almost four decades in technical and managerial roles at New Brunswick (NB) Power and, before that, at Atomic Energy Canada Limited. His career has spanned all three phases of the NB Power Refurbishment Project; the planning, preparation, and implementation, along with re-start and post-refurbishment operation. Paul has extensive experience in conduct and management of safety analysis, reactor physics and fuel behavior as well as plant aging and emergency response and regulatory affairs. He is the chair of the COG C-6 Fleet Steering Committee, and a member of the Centre of Nuclear Energy Research Advisory Board. Paul is a fellow and past president (serving twice) of the Canadian Nuclear Society.

David Cox
Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
Vice President, Operations and Chief Nuclear Officer

David Cox is a long-time participant in COG collaboration research projects including former chair of COG fuel technology working group. He has more than three decades at Atomic Energy Canada Limited and its successor company Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL). David has spent a decade and a half in progressive leadership roles primarily focused on performance improvement in nuclear operations including project management and safety and licensing. He brings extensive experience as a nuclear engineer and researcher on fuels behavior related to severe accident conditions and development of fuel performance codes.

Steve Woods
Ontario Power Generation
Senior Vice President Engineering & Chief Nuclear Engineer

Steve Woods is currently responsible for oversight and development of engineering strategies, services, training, processes and regulatory issues for OPG fleet-wide on project and operations teams and knowledge transfer with external organizations like EPRI, COG, WANO and NEI. He has had nuclear​ operations, maintenance, and engineering leadership at both Darlington and Pickering Generating Stations in multiple management roles including director of engineering, operations manager, plant manager and VP fleet operations and maintenance reporting to the Chief Nuclear Officer. Steve's project experience includes a leadership role on the Darlington Refurbishment Project as VP operations and maintenance during the preparation phase and in 2007, he completed a secondment to the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) focused on organizational effectiveness.​