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COG's Board of Directors is comprised of representatives from COG's voting members – organizations whose investments in COG meets a threshold warranting additional oversight and input into organizational direction. Members of the Board are from Ontario Pow​er Generation (OPG), Bruce Power, New Brunswick Power (NBP) and Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL).

The Board provides oversight and due diligence in a number of areas including business direction, mission and strategy; a number of management systems and human resource oversights as well as corporate risk, member relationships and communications.​

Gary Newman
Bruce Power
Senior Vice President Engineering & Chief Engineer

The current chair of the COG board, Gary Newman, has continuously demonstrated leadership in fuel channel life management research and industry collaboration on engineering joint project through his career. Following the passage of the 1998 Energy Competition Act, Gary helped Ontario Hydro restructure into five separate entities. Before joining Bruce Power, where he has responsibility for major component replacement and fuel channel replacement, Gary was a key player in what is now AMEC Foster Wheeler. He is the past chair and a current participant on the Equipment Reliability Oversight Committee at INPO, Vice-chair of UNENE and past board member of AMEC Foster Wheeler.

Michael Hare
New Brunswick Power
Deputy Chief Nuclear Officer

Michael Hare is the Deputy Chief Nuclear Officer at New Brunswick (NB) Power. He started his career with SNC-Lavalin in Halifax which included a secondment to Sargent and Lundy. He started at NB Power as a system engineer in nuclear process systems, over 25 years ago, moving into a supervisory position before transferring to the certification stream. Michael's previous roles in the organization include station director, operations manager, refurbishment lay up, commissioning and restart manager and a secondment to the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) as the OP and OR peer reviewer.

Neil Mantifel
Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
Chief Operating Officer, Nuclear Operations

Neil Mantifel is Chief Operating Officer of Nuclear Operations at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL). Mantifel led the improved operating performance of National Research Universal reactor before its planned shutdown, March 31, 2018, and now heads up the defuel, dewater and shutdown to storage of the reactor leading it into 'surveillance' state. During his operations career at Chalk River, Mantifel has been a licensed operator for two of the research reactors at CNL, serving in shift manager, facility manager and facility authority roles. His experience includes relicensing activities, the Integrated Safety Review for NRU and execution of the resulting Integrated Implementation Plans, as well as Severe Accident Management Guideline development.

Carla Carmichael
Ontario Power Generation
Vice President, Project Assurance and Contract Management

Carla Carmichael is responsible for the commercial management of major nuclear projects, including the Darlington Refurbishment Project (DRP), one of Canada’s largest and most complex infrastructure projects. This includes management of all major contracts, commercial strategy and dispute resolution. In addition, she is accountable for oversight of the DRP which includes managing an integrated audit program executed by various external and internal stakeholders; the corrective action program; DRP’s managed system framework; and implementation of strategic improvement opportunities. Carla has also led OPG’s Canadian Nuclear Partners and Isotopes businesses.  She has served as an expert witness for OPG at its rate-setting hearing focused on nuclear generation planning, nuclear operational benchmarking and overall performance of OPG’s nuclear fleet. Carla is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA).  

Sorin Ghelbereu
CNE Cernavoda
Director, Directia Technia